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Don’t Worry, Be Happy – 10 important rules to live by

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – 10 important rules to live by

To begin, please click your fingers and start humming the song.

It is so easy to worry and fret.  But when you have that little song bumping through your head, even as you read this, it serves as a good reminder:  Don’t worry.  Be happy.

But …  Nope, no more buts.  That’s rule number one.  Worrying is a bad habit.  You don’t realize how disciplined and capable you are!  (Your ability to think up objections is phenomenal!)  Funnel your talent and ample creative energy into conjuring up positive potentialities, rather than the dire and endless list of things that you are certain could go wrong.

Rule number two:  Imagine good.  Even though everything will not always turn out ideally, why not imagine it anyway?  Oh, the disappointment, you say.  Hmmm, well, did you know that everything that turns out great starts with a vision?  All great athletes spend time envisioning themselves winning.  They picture in their minds every little detail about their performance, over and over.  It is part of practicing for perfection.

Rule number three:  Practice for perfection.  Believe in miracles.  All your practicing will not be lost on you.  When you do not hit perfection (which, by way, will happen!), all is not lost.  You will advance through it.

 Rule number four:  (Are you still clicking and humming?  Just checking.)  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  OK, maybe harder to do than to say.  But really, is it worth expending so much energy on something that really doesn’t make that much difference in the long run???  (Keep humming!)
 Rule number five:  Pick yourself back up!  By now, you’ve already figured out that you can try and fail.  Yes, that, too, is a part of life.  Or … you could just not try anything, and guarantee your success.

 Rule number six:  Get out there.  No reason to shrivel up now.  That first fall is your first step to your next accomplishment.  Think of learning to walk.  If you hadn’t taken that first step, where would you be today?  If you don’t know how many times Abraham Lincoln ran for office and failed, look it up.

Rule number seven:  Be thankful.  There are so many things to be grateful for.  Find them.  And give thanks.

 Rule number eight:  Get enough sleep.  Sleep is so important to singing!  You’ve got to have a good voice (or at least good humming quality) when you wake up.

Rule number nine:  Breathe deeply.  (Just not under water.)  Realize that each day is a gift and yours for the taking.

Rule number ten:  Keep singing … or humming if that suits you better.  (And don’t forget to click your fingers.