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Becoming The Buff Dudette

Becoming The Buff Dudette

Not everyone can be the buff dudette.  But that is one of my goals.  I am committed to my good health.  One of those components, in addition to healthy emotional and spiritual balance, is my physical fitness.  That means, being the buff dudette.

1. I stay agile.  I have always enjoyed being flexible and able to move my body well.  Over the years, it is more difficult to touch my toes and do the splits, but when I incorporate a good stretching routine into my workout, my flexibility improves.  Going out dancing is fun.  And flexibility is great in bed.

2.I feel good about myself.  Working out charges up those great chemicals in my brain that boost my mood and give me a fresher and     more positive perspective on life.

3.Working out boosts my metabolism.  This means I can either eat more or lose weight.  I like both options.  It also means I have more energy … another great benefit.

4.Working out is good preventive medicine.  Staying fit keeps my body in good health and provides additional protection against all kinds of diseases.

5. Working out is a great stress antidote.  My mother baked bread to relieve stress.  For her, she worked out her frustrations by punching and kneading the bread.  For me, you can’t beat a good workout as the absolute best way to deal with the stress in your life.


Life of a Buff Dudette 

All good health seems to hinge on what you eat and how active you are.  When I am unable to go to the gym, I incorporate activities into my regular daily routines.  Though my mother always searched for the closest parking spot in the lot, and that is something I have managed to inherit, I am trying to recover from that one.  Parking further away from your destination is not a bad practice to incorporate.  In fact, it can become a great regular part of every day to park a mile away from your office and walk.  It is even better if there is a hill.  When I worked in a downtown major metropolitan center, I did this, and saved on the monthly parking costs as well.

Another daily trick for a good workout without a gym is the stairs.  I make it a point to always choose the stairs when they are accessible, even at the airport.  I walk up escalators (and enjoy those rare opportunities to go up the down escalator and down the up – it’s harder than you think!).  Working in a skyscraper afforded me the opportunity to dress down at lunch, take the elevator down to the lobby and walk up the 32 flights of stairs to the roof.  Being able to go out on the roof when there were workers on top was an extra bonus.

Bicycling is also a great form of transportation when possible.  It is great for the environment and also keeps you in shape.  When I bicycled to a job nine miles from my home, I was glad the uphill trek was on the return home!

Incorporating good steps toward your physical health could qualify you, too, to be a buff dudette.  It puts an extra skip in your step.