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My Annual Physical

Our good health is something we seem to take for granted – until we have an experience that causes us to realize how precious our health really is.  The truth is, I count on my body to perform well in ways I don’t even think about.  Taking good care of my body is important.  That is why I get yearly physicals.

Eating For Your Body – 15 Steps to Lose 15 Pounds

Carrying around that extra 15 pounds was my nemesis.  I wanted to look great in my clothes, but the extra weight kept me from feeling like I wanted to be noticed.  After years of all the diets, calorie guides, scales, books, diet programs, and latest crazes, I had quit dieting altogether.  Nothing worked.

Becoming The Buff Dudette

Not everyone can be the buff dudette.  But that is one of my goals.  I am committed to my good health.  One of those components, in addition to healthy emotional and spiritual balance, is my physical fitness.  That means, being the buff dudette.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – 10 important rules to live by

To begin, please click your fingers and start humming the song.

It is so easy to worry and fret.  But when you have that little song bumping through your head, even as you read this, it serves as a good reminder:  Don’t worry.  Be happy.